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Reliable Cooler

This season, get blown away by this Bajaj DC 2015 Icon air cooler. With a three-fold combination of technology, this a room cooler room cooler will make a worthy addition to your room this summer. The thermoplastic material ensures durability and a rust-free air-cooling for years. The unique design and shade lend it an attractive and stylish appearance. Add this air cooler to your home to enjoy cool and refreshing air.

Convenient Usage
The special wood wool evaporative pads ensure cool air that keeps everyone in the room cool. The continuous water supply allows cool air for long period at a stretch. It comes with water inlets at the front, top and back for faster cooling. It will make an attractive solution to all your cooling requirements this summer.

Inverter Compatible
It is compatible with inverters; this means that it would keep the room cool even during power cuts.

Caster Wheels For Easy Mobility
It comes with caster wheels that make it a modular unit. It is easy to move the unit around from one room to another.

Four-Way Air Deflection
It comes with four-way air deflection that promises to distribute air uniformly while consuming less energy for the whole day.

3-Way Speed Control
It comes with 3-way speed control that allows you to customise the temperature according to your needs.

Quiet Performance
Bajaj DC 2015 makes sure you can throw a comfortable party without the worry of the air cooler making a sound.

43 Litres Water Tank
It features 43 litres water tank that makes it highly efficient and perfect to use in dry climatic conditions. It also ensures long usage without having to refill at frequent intervals.

50 Feet Powerful Air Throw
It comes with a powerful air throw range of 50 feet, which makes it perfect for big halls, offices and restaurants.


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