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Broadband Services in Morena

Best broadband or internet service provider in Morena is Ambisys Technosoft and it also provides Internet WiFi / Broadband / Internet Connection in Morena (Madhya Pradesh).

Ambisys Technosoft Morena is the authorized partner of the RailWire. It provides reliable broadband service of Railwire in morena.

What is RailWire?

RailWire”- is the retail Broadband distribution model of RailTel. This, express broadband has been further extended to households as well, as part of the digital India Campaign – A Mission to bring people closer to technology and empower them with ICT advantages.

Best Broadband service in morena

By partnering with local cable operators RailTel has come up with an express brand of Broadband facilities to both households and offices to stay connected to the web world. With attractive Broadband plans of unique stature both in terms of speed and data “Railwire” can boast of unique ultra-high-speed Home and office plans, as well.

Advantages of Railwire Broadband -over 3G and 4G

  • Railwire Broadband as such is a wired technology using high-speed optical fiber cable. Whereas 3G and 4G are wireless types. Railwire Broadband is more reliable, whereas 4G is a lot of patchier. Since wired connectivity can always ensure high speed and a better contention ratio.
  • Railwire broadband is much more superior.
  • Railwire broadband has much lower latency- making it better for things like games and video calls.
  • In most areas, it’s faster than 4G. The Railwire Optical fiber enabled through local cable operators, is available in nook and corners of the state.
  • Generally speaking, fixed broadband is a better option. It’s far more reliable, less likely to be strangled by slow speeds and data usage caps. And it’s an absolute must if you want to play games, stream HD video, or download files in a reasonable amount of time, or if multiple people need to use it at once.
  • Mobile broadband/4G -is much more suited to situations where you need temporary internet, or if you’ll be doing a lot of traveling over the coming weeks or months, and need to take your internet out and about with you.
  • Developing a stable digital infrastructure, Universal Digital literacy, delivering the governmental services digitally, has been the main objective of the Digital India Initiative.

Experiencing True Broadband

Indian Railways, the fourth largest railway network in the world by size – has got Optical fiber cable running along railway tracks covering 90% of its 67,368 route Kilometers.

Indian Railways has always been at the forefront, bringing latest technology in Telecom to support its operations.

RailTel Corporation of India Ltd was formulated under the Railway Ministry as a Public Sector Undertaking in order to modernize the communication systems for train control, administrative network, and for passenger safety. RailTel is also a neutral telecom player licensed by the Department of Telecom and is the second-largest Telecom Company in the Government sector.

In addition to maintaining the Telecommunication infrastructure of Indian Railways, RailTel maintains a nationwide broadband telecom and multimedia network taking the telecom, broadband and IT-enabled value-added services to all parts of the country especially rural, remote and backward areas.

RailTel is working towards creating a Knowledge economy. It is also having Tier III certified Data Centers located at Secunderabad & Gurgaon. RailTel has taken a lead role in providing fast and free Wi-Fi in the name “RailWire” for the benefit of passengers at Railway stations. RailTel joined hands with Google in the first phase as the technology partner for setting up Railwire Wi-Fi network initially and it covers 400 stations – nationwide for providing fast and free Rail Wire Wi-Fi to millions of passengers every day. Designed to offer users the best Internet experience, Railwire Wi-Fi will be available to any user who has a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The user just needs only a working mobile connection to receive an SMS for authentication.

Ambisys Technosoft Morena Also provide IT Services Like AMC Of All Hardware Desktop, Laptop, Printer, CCTV Camera, Biometric Attendance Machine, Wave Analyzer etc And Also Provide Broadband Internet Service In Morena Please Find Blow Plan Detail

Welcome Plans of Broadband service

* This introductory plan is available for new subscriptions only.

* Once the allotted volume for the day is over, internet service will be discontinued and subscription will be enabled the following day and will be continued till the original subscription expiry date.

#20010 Mbps 5GB @Daily₹ 352.8210 Mbps5GB @Daily30 Days
#20110Mbps 5GB/Day₹ 588.8210 Mbps5GB @Daily90 Days
#20210Mbps 10GB/Day₹ 706.8210 Mbps10GB @Daily30 Days
#20310Mbps 10GB/Day₹ 1178.8210 Mbps10GB @Daily90 Days

Unlimited Plans available

#31Mbps Unlimited₹ 529.821 Mbps30 Days
#1812Mbps Unlimited₹ 824.822 Mbps30 Days
#1824Mbps Unlimited₹ 1414.824 Mbps30 Days
#1836Mbps UL₹ 1650.826 Mbps30 Days
#208Mbps Unlimited₹ 2004.828 Mbps30 Days
#18410Mbps Unlimited₹ 2948.8210 Mbps30 Days

FUP Plans available

*Once plan volume is consumed, fallback speed is applied. Original Bandwidth will be restored on purchase of additional data packages.

IDPlanPriceSpeedPlan VolumeFallback SpeedValidity
#2042Mbps 5GB/Day₹ 708.002 Mbps5 GB512 Kbps90 Days
#67FUP3Mbps_35GB_UPSDT₹ 411.823 Mbps35 GB512 Kbps30 Days
#68FUP5Mbps_50GB_UPSDT₹ 529.825 Mbps50 GB512 Kbps30 Days
#75FUP_10Mbps_100GB_UPSDFT₹ 706.8210 Mbps100 GB1 Mbps30 Days
#81FUP_20Mbps_200GB_UPDFT₹ 824.8220 Mbps200 GB512 Kbps30 Days
#83FUP 40Mbps_300GB_UPDT₹ 942.8240 Mbps300 GB1 Mbps30 Days
#87FUP_75Mbps_500GB_UPSDFT₹ 1119.8274.70 Mbps500 GB1 Mbps30 Days
#89FUP_100Mbps_600GB_UPDFT₹ 1178.82100 Mbps600 GB512 Kbps30 Days
#32FUP_125Mbps_750GB₹ 1473.82125 Mbps750 GB1 Mbps30 Days
#33FUP_150Mbps_750GB₹ 1768.82150 Mbps750 GB1 Mbps30 Days
#34FUP_175Mbps_750GB₹ 2240.82175 Mbps750 GB1 Mbps30 Days
#35FUP_200Mbps_1.0TB₹ 2299.82200 Mbps1000 GB1 Mbps30 Days